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Inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, and gritty stories of rural people and rural places recorded & blogged.


Practical tips dedicated to help create thriving families enjoying the blessings and burdens of a rural lifestyle.


Noonday Collection bags & accessories are stylish & responsible ways to aid hardworking families in vulnerable communities.


Sometimes musings & poetry make their way from my journals into the blog as times of writing experimentation.


Let’s work together to recover the lost art of rest in a world dedicated to productivity and efficiency.


Moving can be hard, I often circle back to my own process of moving and settling in South Dakota from my home in Missouri.

Hey … I’m Sierra!

I am a blogger, teacher, researcher, and student.  I’m also a farm wife, mother of three, sister to four, and friend. We live and work in rural South Dakota. 

 I started this space way back in 2014. Over the years, I have documented everything from quilting, to farmhouses, to silage harvest, to tips from working from home.

I am currently working on a Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies (emphasis on English/Communications/Sociology) at South Dakota State University in Brookings, South Dakota. I work on campus as a writing tutor and teach English 101. I am also working on a Masters of Christian Leadership & Spiritual Direction Certificate from Sioux Falls Seminary in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Rural Socially-Distanced Sabbath Rhythm with Small Kids + Online Grocery Pick-Up

This is an extremely chill weekend day where I attempt to rest. It can happen on Saturday or Sunday, whatever fits the week better for this strange season. Essentially, our usual screen time limits are *ABOLISHED* for this day. I just go with the flow and try to be as...

Obituary: Luther L. Angell

As you may have heard by now, my grandfather Luther Angell recently passed a way on May 23. I shared some very brief reflections about him on instagram here, here, here, and here. My uncle asked me to write the obituary & I was delighted to attempt such a...

Summer Vibes: Hot Food Helps

The problem I don't know about you (or the women around you), but I struggled to rebound into regular routines after becoming a mother. For me, the simple reality is this: I didn't love the first year. I didn't love the first year & a half. But, I did start to...

Peacock Ranch House: IG Video Tours + Shopping Links

My Ultimate Favorite List of all the Books & Blogs & Courses & Podcasts about Decorating + Home Systems -- Oh my! So much helpful goodness here! Book - The Nesting Place: It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect to be Beautiful by The Nester: My friend Lucy found...

How to be a happy mama

When did my Facebook feed become overtaken with articles with titles like this? Stop. Just stop. If it creates guilt ... let's just stop clicking on those articles, okay? (I'm talking to myself here.) Then, what happens? Without the steady diet of contradictory,...

Kansas City Stockyards History: Bill Haw, Livestock Exchange Building, Meat Packing Industry

Today I'm sharing two of the short stories from my book Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards: Stories on Surviving Change from the chapter, "Buying and Bartering in the Kansas City Stockyards" -- for pictures, captions and several other chapters ... read about...

Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards: Excerpt from the book

Buying hogs from Boone & Audrain Counties              At its peak, Central Hog Buyers was running six days a week. It was everything Buddy, Luther, Aunt Esther and L.W. could do to keep up. In 1957, L.W. Angell, Junior purchased...

Last round :: Advance Praise for Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards

Hello there! It's been fun launching my second book this fall. Since it was released on October 8, 2016 I have received some great feedback from readers in several states. I always try to ask, "What was your favorite part?" What I'm hearing so far is the Kansas City...

November 10, 2016

You guys. Last week I declared it: sleep week. I was going to be in bed by 9:00 PM each night to catch up on all the zzzzzzzzs I'd missed recently. Did that happen? Yes, once. And I was all like: woah ... I am well-rested. The other nights? The last month? The flu. A...

Bookends: Trips to Missouri during planting and harvest

This spring, shortly after J.D. was born during planting season we packed up and headed south to Missouri. This fall, shortly before J.D.'s six month birthday and Joslyn's 2nd birthday we packed up and drove south once more during harvest. The trips were bookends...

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