What to expect on this blog?

Here’s what I’m blogging about these days…


Inspiring, encouraging, entertaining, and gritty stories of rural people and rural places recorded & blogged.


Practical tips dedicated to help create thriving families enjoying the blessings and burdens of a rural lifestyle.


Noonday Collection bags & accessories are stylish & responsible ways to aid hardworking families in vulnerable communities.


Sometimes musings & poetry make their way from my journals into the blog as times of writing experimentation.


Let’s work together to recover the lost art of rest in a world dedicated to productivity and efficiency.


Moving can be hard, I often circle back to my own process of moving and settling in South Dakota from my home in Missouri.

Hey, I’m Sierra Shea!

I love to blog, plan, organize, decorate, teach, research & be creative. I’m a farm wife & mama of three kiddos: almost 6, 4 and almost 2. We love to live and work in rural South Dakota. A few years ago we remodeled a house & we call our home The Peacock Ranch.

I am earning a Spiritual Direction Certificate from Sioux Falls Seminary & I put my masters in English/Mass Communications on hold at South Dakota State University so I can focus on being a mama in a pandemic! In the meantime, I’m enjoying reading more & writing here on the blog. 

The Peacock Ranch

Welcome to our home! If you want to take a quick video tour before the picture tour, it's right here in my IG highlights. I'm so glad you've landed at this page to see our house. It was such a learning experience to remodel. I'm listing all the blogs, courses, books,...

September 2020 | Favorites

At the end of each month, I share a few favorite moments, spaces, books, meals, & drinks. I gather them up from my instagram accounts to celebrate all the good times & fun finds this month. A favorite kids book: A...

August 2020 | Favorites

One way to reflect & practice thankfulness, it to simply look at our journals & instagram accounts & recount the best moments and blessings of the month that is just winding down, here are a few of mine. We are nearing the middle of September, and in so...

20+ hardworking items to consider storing under the sink

A Short Story I don't know about you, but I always feel like the items we tend to keep under the kitchen sink seem to be hard to reach and frequently needed. This problem has bothered me for years. In our first farmhouse, I remember I kept several things in a cleaning...

July 2020 | Favorites

One way to reflect & practice thankfulness, it to simply look at our journals & instagram accounts & recount the best moments and blessings of the month that is just winding down, here are a few of mine. My favorite ditch-bouquet gathering time with the...

Our post-pandemic life plan adjustments

I have been avoiding saying this on the internet. So I’m going to say it now because it's probably getting confusing for you. Perhaps you are wondering, why is she posting so much? Why did she start sharing affiliate links like it was her dang job? Why did she avoid...

Pandemic Reflections & Our Return to a Favorite Place

The Children's Museum reopened with social distancing measures that were super considerate and doable. What’s the place you’ve been looking most forward to returning to? This was mine! A long, leisurely coffee shop would be...

Obituary: Luther L. Angell

As you may have heard by now, my grandfather Luther Angell recently passed a way on May 23. I shared some very brief reflections about him on instagram here, here, here, and here. My uncle asked me to write the obituary & I was delighted to attempt such a...

Summer Vibes: Hot Food Helps

The problem I don't know about you (or the women around you), but I struggled to rebound into regular routines after becoming a mother. For me, the simple reality is this: I didn't love the first year. I didn't love the first year & a half. But, I did start to...

Rural Socially-Distanced Sabbath Rhythm with Small Kids + Online Grocery Pick-Up

This is an extremely chill weekend day where I attempt to rest. It can happen on Saturday or Sunday, whatever fits the week better for this strange season. Essentially, our usual screen time limits are *ABOLISHED* for this day. I just go with the flow and try to be as...

New Online Store!

Sierra’s books are officially avalaible online again — now in a much easier to access online store! Flat rate shipping $5/order.
We use media mail rate, so please allow for extended shipping times of approximately 7-10 days.

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