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One of the things I’ve been enjoying sharing with my kiddos this summer is a song of the day.

Not by a long shot do I remember to do this daily. My DayCount app tells me we’re 46 days into summer and I’ve got just over 20 songs in the list so far.

But, occasionally, when I do remember I choose a song that goes with the day and it’s been great fun for me to introduce them to a bit of musical hilarity or culture or awesomeness.

If they love it or reject it, I still feel like it’s a tiny victory for love and fun in the long, long days of summer.

On the last day of school, I chose “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper.

Then, there was the first day of dog practice with 4-H when I chose “Sam” by Sturgill Simpson.

On another day, I choose “Missing Missouri” by Sara Evans when we were visiting my family in Missouri.

On other days, I choose completely random songs that have no connection I want the kids to hear before they graduate.

Eclectic classics like “Jamming” by Bob Marley & The Wailers, “Seven Bridges Road” by the Eagles, and “Life in the Fast Lane.”

Occasionally, when I remember, on the Sabbath I will throw in an old hymn or a christian song that I’ve never played for them. This usually causes much groaning and weeping from the collective brood, but they have survived “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn.

Dang it, we may mostly still be surviving our small-kid summers, but they now know who about Alice Cooper, Bob Marley and Loretta Lynn!

This counts for something in the cultural curriculum of life, yes?


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