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I’ve never gotten to ride along with in the tractor with John since he installed GPS in his tractor.

Now, he can use this feature at planting time and for spreading fertilizer.

On April 25, he was spreading fertilizer on the alfalfa field behind our house. After lunch, he asked if we wanted to go along.

So, Remi and I went out to join him.

Then, we walked home and continued on with the rest of our day before the kids got off the bus.

Here’s some video footage of the process and our quick ride …


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Hey, I’m Sierra Shea! I am so glad you are here. 

Where do I start with writing to introduce this blog? At the beginning, I suppose: I’ve been writing on various platforms online since 2013. I started blogging shortly after moving to South Dakota.

I am a mother and a maker at heart. I’m so grateful to be married to John and mother of three: Joslyn, J.D. and Jesse.

I am a self-taught decorator and designer. I am a brand new shepherdess and a Spiritual Director.

I love living in South Dakota, even though the winters & the wind can be a near-daily struggle.

Blogging is a grounding force in my life and it helps get me out of my head, unstuck and moving in the directions I always hoped I’d be going!