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We’ve been slowly working on creating and styling this corner counter for hosting and ordinary life this semester.

Today’s post is really a celebration of learning to go slowly, being grateful for gifts, and thankful for a handy husband.

Low-Key DIY

Earlier this winter, before calving and lambing, John put up the peel and stick tile (Lowe’s) and the two shelves (Lowe’s). He’s so much more detail oriented than me and he did a great job making sure everything was on the level and his level of fussy was just right. Since then I’ve been tinkering around with the purpose and styling of this space. Eventually, I think we will continue the peel and stick tile around the connecting wall and down to the floor for a more cohesive look.

Slow & Steady Shelf Styling

First, I put our champagne flutes and wine glasses on the top shelf and I am pleased to have a place to display them. These were all wedding gifts. I was glad to rescue them from the dusty canning room.

We also had two whiskey glasses from a Christmas gift and I got John two more in the same style for Valentine’s day for about $20.

I added the copper mugs this spring. I bribed/rewarded myself with the purchase of the set of four mugs after finishing a rather daunting decluttering project that I’d been dreading. That was another $20 for a current total of $40.

Joslyn came home with the speckled piece of art from school and I was smitten instantly because she made it AND because the color pallet matches the kitchen and hub room so well! She gave me the okay to display the piece and I ordered a frame for it earlier this week. When it arrived today, I opened it and framed the piece as soon as I had the margin moments. My running total for shelf styling is now up to about $55.

Both of plants came from Lowe’s with Christmas cash gifts splurged lovingly on green, living plants. There’s enough sun coming in from the east window that they are still thriving.

Finally, the two frames on the adjacent wall came from Dollar General … of all places. Dollar General!? They’ve really upped their decor game.

I loved the black and white design and the words. If you ask me, DG is now the rural woman’s impulse decor purchase store! We’re too far away from Target to impulse buy decor on a regular grocery shopping trip. But, DG for Tide Pods that turns into two cute frames? Yes, it happens! I’m guessing these were about $10 which lands me around a total of $65.

We found the large baskets on clearance for $8 each at Home Goods and I’ve dubbed them our dreaded his and hers paper piles. They are and never will be empty. Life is happening and here’s our piles to prove it!

When it’s time to host a party, I pick them up and carry them to our bed and close the door. Then, viola, the clutter counter is now empty for whatever the hosting situation or party calls for: coffee, cocktails, or just general beverages. After the party and the cleanup, back out the his and hers paper piles come and the classy cocktail corner has become the dreaded clutter corner once again!

To wrap up the transparent math project here … these two items brings me to a total of $80. I’m thrilled with the space and how it’s both practical and pretty. It’s really taken me about the ENTIRE time we’ve lived here to figure out how to use this this corner of our home.

Now I know … clutter, cocktails, or coffee.

PS: Here’s a short IG post with a video and a few more photos, too!


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