After I posted about sewing in Nebraska, I realized I never shared the table runner project that Selestia and I made way back this winter when she visited us in South Dakota. Oh, to get behind on my quilting! Drat!

On our way from Missouri to South Dakota, we stopped at the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, Mo. and picked up some goodies!IMG_0091

We both bought charm packs to make this zig zag table runner. The video is very, very helpful.

Be sure to watch all the way to the end though! We didn’t – thinking we knew what we were doing – and missed the important step of putting a small cut in each corner so the runner will lay flat when turned. DON’T SKIP THAT PART.

Selestia was not smiling when she turned her runner the first time & it was a hot mess.IMG_0097

We got ours fixed eventually, but it just made for some extra work!IMG_0117IMG_0123

Selestia’s is wider than mine because she wanted to use it for a dresser. I wanted to mine it on our fairly narrow kitchen table, so I left out one row. Now, I have it in the studio/nursery.IMG_0553

The quilted runner helps with:

  • farmhouse dusting – the NEVER ending chore
  • holding the baby books in place


We used scrap batting and muslin from previous quilts. She did a double stitch around the edge to hold things down & I did a triple stitch for the visual effect.IMG_0555

This project was about a half day adventure, so I think it is perfect for a weekend sewing project with a friend or sister! And, this is the first finished portion of the nursery besides the rocker I recovered. Books are definitely going to be a priority in this nerdy family, so I had to find a spot for them.

What projects do you like to sew with friends and family?

Do you know of any charm-pack friendly table runners?

Do you think Selestia’s hair is just the craziest? (I do!)



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