Your clothes don’t get washed in Dreft after the first week.IMG_3950 IMG_3945

Your mom only takes pictures on her cell phone, not the “good camera”. 

Your dad is totally confident holding you and changing a few diapers. (Instead of being afraid he’ll drop you or break you.)IMG_3985IMG_3984

You go to church before you’re two months old. (Read: because your mom knows how to get somewhere *almost* on time with a small baby in tow.)

You go to your four week check-up when you are six weeks old. Opps.

You spend more time in the bouncy seat in one week than your big sister did in a year. But, you love it anyway.IMG_3980

You are already described as easy-going when you’re ten days old.

IMG_4011IMG_3983Your crib was set up when you were six weeks old, not 20 weeks old in the womb. (Ha! Overplanning.)IMG_3990

You get a “plug” (aka: pacifier) in the hospital. Not week three. Cause you’re mom is totally over the fear of “nipple confusion”.IMG_3993



You cry some, of course. But, mostly when mom and sister are out of the room for a moment or two and the place goes quiet. You’re already used to the action of family life.