Winter 2020 & 2021 | Favorites

At the end of each month, I share a few favorite moments, spaces, books, meals, & drinks. I gather them up from my instagram accounts to celebrate all the good times & fun finds this month.

I’ve fallen a little behind on this series, so to catch up in one go, I’m simply going to gather up some favorite posts from Instagram for winter from December through February.

A favorite photo from Christmas Day:

A favorite toddler moment of play:

A favorite way to welcome the new year, by catching the sunset:

A brief note after the attack on the capital:

A favorite clear winter sky:

A favorite way to pass our quarantine:

A simple planner trick:

A stunning sunset:

A cleaning supplies subscription order from Grove Collaborative (affiliate link):

A favorite moment playing with Jesse Lee:

A favorite Sunday afternoon:

A tiny update on my spiritual direction program:

Our winter survival go-tos: movies, toys & boxes:

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It all matters so much: thank you!

Sierra Shea


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