There’s a trend out there: monthly subscriptions for small boxes of goodies mailed directly to your home.

There’s Birchbox for the makeup and hair product fans – which sends small samples of new products right to your doorstep each month. And, Square Hue, which sends tiny, adorable square shaped bottles of nail polish for those gals who just love to paint. For the foodies, there’s Hello Fresh, they mail all of the fresh ingredients needed to cook a meal – right to your home.

Then, there’s Whimsey Box. I’ve jumped on the subscription box bandwagon. My friend Lucy found and suggested that I look into joining. She knew my least favorite parts of crafting and thought Whimsey Box might be fun. It solves all my crafting frustrations:

  • Deciding what to make
  • Finding good directions
  • Figuring out what supplies I need
  • Driving 1.5 hours to the craft store to buy supplies
  • Buying a zillion supplies just to make one dumb project. (Did I say dumb? Ops, I meant fun.)
  • Having a zillion left over supplies after making that one dumb/fun/expensive/exasperating project.

Whimsey Box solves everything I dislike about making DIY projects! Once a month, they send me all of the supplies to make a project. No shopping necessary. When I subscribed, I selected projects that I do and don’t like to do. I do like to sew, I don’t like to paint. They recorded my craft preferences and only send me projects I’m interested in completing.

Whimsey Box is a $15 subscription fee – which is far less expensive than purchasing excess supplies. (Ex: 15 snaps for $5.95, when you just need one!)

So – here is my first Whimsey box!DSCN7487

DSCN7489DSCN7490The Whimesy Box motto is: Stop pinning, start making. This cute little idea book came in my first box.DSCN7491This month’s project was hand sewing a small wool clutch. The directions said it would take about 1.5 hours. DSCN7493Just for fun, they included a “badge” for hand sewing. Reminds me of my days in 4-H! DSCN7492The finished product was this:DSCN7607 DSCN7606

Happy crafting, if you’d like to join Whimsey Box click here!