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My first project with Molly (my sewing machine) was a simple table runner. I took a class at Quilts, Stiches and Framing in Brookings, SD where we purchased my machine. Last week, I created this little 3 ft by 3 ft wall hanging.


For the first time in my “creative sewing life” I made up the pattern! Thanks to a quick Pintrest search for: American Flag Quilt, I found a guide on a different blog for the middle size flag and then I adjusted it larger and smaller from there. Using those ideas as my general guide I stared experimenting.


The smallest of the three flags is…very small! Sometimes, small = cute. I think this teeny, tiny flag definitely follows the formula! I left plenty of open space in the quilt so that I can (possibly) use this for our wedding as the guest book. Using permanent fabric markers, guests could sign in between the flags. I could set it up with something like this table at the entry of the reception or church.


Whether it becomes a guest book or not, my favorite part of the little quilt is the prarie points finishing tenquine around the border. I HATE putting on trational binding, so I had a blast making these tiny little triangles to create a cute border effect. I’d never done this before and I found a video online to learn how. For this project I ended up using 66 triangles total to complete my border (15 + 15 + 18 +18).


I got a little out of hand with cutting the squares, I have quite a pile left even after this project was done.


Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make something else with red, white and blue! Worse things could happen – like binding.


  1. Aunt Jackie

    Sierra, You did a great job on your project. It would make a really cute guest book. What a clever idea.

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks! It was fun!



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