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Title Options:

  1. Luther’s Tall Tales: Mostly True Stories of a Missouri Cattleman
  2. Wild Man: A Mostly True Memoir of a Missouri Cattleman
  3. Wild Man: A Mostly True Memoir of an Old-Time Cattleman
  4. Never Thought I’d Live this Long: Stories from Luther “Papa” Angell
  5. I Always Wanted to go to Ash Grove: A Collection of Stories by one Missouri Cattleman

The Story on the Covers

The covers were designed by Sioux Falls, South Dakota graphic designer Tim Murry of Paperback. Oddly enough, Tim grew up in central Missouri, just like me. His grandparents even had cattle near the old Columbia Livestock Auction where Luther spent the majority of his working life. I love when the world seems small!

Cover A PhotoWild_Man_cover_concepts_medicine-missouri

I found these two photos several years ago in my Uncle Jon’s scanned collection. From the beginning, I loved the one of Luther casually lying on the couch. The photo was taken at the Columbia Livestock Auction. The rounding belly, the hat, the tucked-in boots, his oh-so-relaxed attitude and the DTN machine off to the side all seemed to perfectly sum up the stories in this book. I believe this photo was taken in 1991, the year I was born.

Cover B PhotoWild_Man_cover_concepts_missouri

The second photo is another favorite of mine. I believe it was also taken at the Columbia Livestock Auction. Here I think we see a slightly more serious side of Luther “Papa” Angell. I believe this photo was taken earlier, maybe in the 70s or 80s. I imagine when this photo was taken, Luther was pondering the price on seven-weight heifers or cull cows. Don’t you think?

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