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Hello! I’ve been reading in short stretches lately while Joslyn naps or in the longer, dark winter evenings while John watches the news. I sometimes forget that I don’t need two hours to read, 20 minutes here and there is very refreshing.

Home is Where my People Are: The Roads That Lead Us to Where We Belong


I ordered this book over the summer and it took me a while to get to. This was an easy-reading, personal narrative that combined southern culture, moving from home to home, and God’s mysterious ways of being actively involved in our lives’ even when we don’t always see it. Scratch that, especially when we don’t see it.

I enjoy Sophie’s humor & the hilarious titles for the chapters:

“Surprisingly, the Fried Chicken Is Not My Dominant Memory”

“When a Disciple of the Lord Drives a Gray Honda Accord”

“Because We All Have Fashion Regrets from Our Twenties”

Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers


While the first book is just good, funny writing, this book, (and anything by Anne Lamott) is timeless. She is my favorite writer that I discovered this year. This was the third book I read by her in 2015.

It’s also a beautiful, extremely gift-friendly book. With the dust jacket stripped off it is a slim, elegant, creamy-white book with simple gold embossing. Book-lovers swoon!

My favorite chapter was “Help”. It’s such an obvious prayer, and such a necessary one. Praying that in faith, then stepping away from the trouble is so, so relieving.

Merry Christmas,






  1. Laurel

    Annie Lamott is always a fun read. I used to have my grad students read Bird by Bird–something you do well already.


    • Sierra Shea

      I read Bird by Bird this year! 🙂

      • Laurel

        I am not surprised

  2. Uncle Jon

    So, are you going to use your goodreads account this year? Your account was deprived of your attention…. It’s almost like you were too busy or have yet to decide in its value or usefulness. I however am thoroughly convinced of this applications value to me as I had hoped more of my friends or family would have discovered. It is a good way to keep track of what you have read, look into what you might want to read, and using the yearly reading challenge for keeping track if I am ahead or behind pace to read my goal for the year has been very helpful…. another thing I have liked is I have “shelves” for different categories of books, like favorites or by year read. I often go back and review the books for like a couple of years ago and it is motivating and often it causes me to reflect on what I had read in those past books and reminisce on why or what I loved about some of them. And besides, I can’t be nosey and see what your reading (classics, how-to, or junk) … happy reading…

    • Sierra Shea

      All of the above. Your points are excellent. I will make another stab at it!


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