My mom and I traveled to Stover, Missouri to attend a quilting show. I saw this Christmas tree wall hanging and instantly fell in LOVE with the wonky, simple style.DSCN7503Do you ever buy a pattern – then immediately feel full of anxiety because the pattern is way above your skill level? That’s what happened to me when I purchased this adorable tall trim the tree pattern. Anxiety, nerves, fear of failure! (All over a quilt, who does that?!)DSCN7534

I really, really wanted to make this tree! But, I didn’t know how to foundation paper piece. Heck, even the name sounds intimidating. The whole project required foundation piecing.

The lady who sold me the pattern was encouraging, she said, “Well, if you want to learn this would be a good project because the pieces are quite large.”

Obviously, I bought the pattern. Then, I bought the fabric. Grand total: about $100. I was now financially committed to learning to foundation piece.

Even before the fabric investment and seeing the cute tree, I wanted to learn this method of piecing because then – a whole new world opens up. If I learn to foundation paper piece then, I can make these ADORABLE houses. I found these on Pinterest/Flickr and I’ve been drooling for months.


It’s a tiny, quilted neighborhood. Sheesh. Love it!


Despite my anxiety, YouTube saved the day. I learned to Foundation Paper Piece by watching these videos – and you can too! I didn’t even have any #tearsoffrustration or #meldowns.

Got 40 minutes? Watch these videos and give it a shot!

Best of luck sweet friends! Let me know if you get the hang of it. Now, instead of a wasting a $100 and feeling frustrated over a failed project – I’m going to be loving this little tree this Christmas season! Isn’t YouTube the best? 



  1. Meredith

    I just got the “add a 1/4” rulers at the shop! What a cool technique!

    • Sierra Shea

      Cool! That is neat!


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