A few weeks ago, I decided to move onto Christmas projects instead of working on this fall table mat. But, I wanted to show it to you anyway, because it is going to look great….err…NEXT YEAR.

Instead of feeling six weeks behind this November, I just told myself I was 11 months early for next fall. Don’t you wish all deadlines worked this way?DSCN7852

Anyway – I have hardly never used any of the techniques required for this project. Luckily, I found a video online. (This is becoming a theme for me, this is how I learn everything now!) If you’d like to try wool appliqué, here are few helpful links:

  • Here is the link to Primitive Gatherings. Lisa Bonegean is the designer behind Primitive Gatherings. She designed this pattern. There are soooo many kits & patterns available on her site!
  •  Here is a great video from QNNtv.com: How to do wool appliqué. Just by chance, this video features Lisa Bongean. I think this is a good fit — learning to wool appliqué from the woman who designed my wool appliqué pattern!

Here’s my progress so far, you know, for next decorating in the fall of 2014…I like to plan ahead. DSCN7851

The next step will be to cut out the little leaves and stems. But, I won’t get to that until January. Right now all I want to think about is green & red. Hopefully, the next time we go on a long drive I’ll take this project along to work on the blanket stitching around the outside edge & around each pumpkin.

Anyway, the moral of the story is: sometimes seasonal projects just don’t get done in the right season! And, I’ve decided this is perfectly okay.

Guess what?

That season will roll around again next year! Did you have any projects on your 2013 fall decor–crafting-cooking list that got bumped to 2014 like me?



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