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Well. I was wrong. Again.

I’m just going to have to stop trying to predict when “spring” will finally arrive.

Spring has arrived. And, she’s a psychotic, bi-polar, you-know-what!

An emotional roller coaster.

A punch in the gut after 5+ months of sub-zero temperatures.

She gets your hopes up, then crushes you with five inches of snow & a day full of wind.

That is spring in South Dakota. Last week on the left. Today on the right.April


What to do on days like today? Here are my coping strategies.

1. Don’t watch the weather. What is the point? It is obviously a bucket of terrible with a side of razor-sharp wind.

2. Cook something hearty. That means vegetables – especially potatoes – and beef. Comfort. Warmth. Nutrients. Protein. Satiety (that means feeling of fullness, I learned it from my foodie friends). IMG_0318

3. Drink whiskey.    Just kidding. Sew.

Hamburger Soup

So, my comfort food of choice for today was from my friend the Pioneer Woman. She made this back in January down in Oklahoma. She thinks she knows cold. But, she’s wrong I say! This week in Oklahoma on their ranch, they are digging post holes and building fence.


Here in the Dakotas, we can’t even dream about digging post holes yet. The ground is still frozen.

So, thank you PW for this awesome recipe! We love it! But, as for your thoughts on winter included in the post – please come visit our ranch & we’ll give you are real taste of winter! Oklahoma sounds like a beach. A cake walk. A part of the unfrozen world. On second thought, can I come visit you instead?

I’ll help with the post holes!

To find her amazing directions, photos & recipe for Hamburger Soup click here.20130604-091530




  1. Myla

    This whole thing made me smile! We woke up to a dusting of snow here in IL on Tuesday morning, but they’re predicting high 60s/low 70s by the weekend. The PW’s Hamburger Soup is on my short list of recipes to make, good to know she nailed another recipe! I’ll send Spring out your way if I see her…

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you! I hear they are already planting corn in Illinois. We haven’t even gotten out the corn planter yet! Let me know what you think of the soup, I like that the ingredients are pretty common. I got lucky and didn’t even have to go to the store for any of them!


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