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Last weekend I enjoyed two days at the Brooking Summer Arts Festival (BSAF) at Pioneer Park. The first day was cool, but crowded. The second day it was raining in the morning and much less crowded.


This is the third time I have enjoyed the festival! I’m doing pretty good, attending 3 years out of 4. I was excited when I realized we would be back from our honeymoon in time for the BSAF – that’s how much I enjoy this weekend event.

This year, the Media Award Winner and 2013 logo designer was artist Bob Holloway. Guess where Bob Holloway was born?


Okay – I’ll just tell you! He was born in Centralia, Missouri! That’s where I grew up. I love the moments when I realize how truly small the whole world can be. I stopped by his booth to say hello to a fellow Centralia native. Bob told me he was just born in Centralia. His mother was born and raised in Centralia & she was visiting her folks while pregnant and then he was born. He spent the rest of his childhood in Columbia, Missouri.

View of the Festival

DSCN5795 DSCN5794

This frozen person was amazing! Couldn’t even see ’em blinking! She stoop perfectly still until a tip was dropped into the basket & then she high-fived or shook hands with the lucky patron. A large, curious crowd was always gathered. 995711_10151759162156397_1761492668_nDSCN5797

The festival is famous for the FOOD! It is delicious! From homeade rootbeer to roast beef sandwhiches the festival is full of great options. DSCN5799 DSCN5801

Most importantly, I am not the ONLY person who enjoys this festival! The local news channel expected that a shocking 75,000 people would pass through viewing the pretty arts & crafts in only two short days. (This is pretty amazing considering the population of Brookings is right around 22,000 and the population of the entire state is just around 800,000!)

I can’t wait to go again next year. This year I finally “got smart” and did a miniature Christmas in July. I purchased all my Christmas gifts for my Mom & sisters!

I also purchased a pretty card from Brookings artist Karen Kinder. From her Facebook Page, Karen provides an introduction for herself, “Karen grew up on the prairies of South Dakota, and they continue to be her inspiration. Her paintings showcase their natural beauty in a blend of familiar earthy tones and more vibrant hues. She is especially fond of sheep and hay bales.”

Isn’t that lovely? Scan 6

I love the modern feel of her paintings! They look like our life on the prairie!

1004070_10151545958439150_1096769863_n10000061 21087_10151438030124150_572285993_n

Finally, I love this little festival because EVERY year I come home from the BSAF inspired to create. There are so many people “out there” creating each and every day, whether I am sewing or writing it always serves me well to enjoy the creative work of other people.

Some people call this act “filling the well.” Meaning, to keep creating new work, an artist or writer must continually seek inspiration thus keeping their well FULL of new of ideas, inspiration and encouragement.

My well is FULL! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!


*Photo credits Brookings Summer Arts Festival Facebook Page, Karen Kinder Facebook Page & Sierra Shea


  1. Laurel Wilson

    Such wisdom from a person so young–I am going to pass “filling the well” on to Howard who needs to do some of that.

    I love your blog and check it out daily.


    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks Dr. Wilson, I was just thinking of you the other day! My research & writing about this farmhouse & my grandpa is continuing…funny…it all started with our research project!


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