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Two days ’til Thanksgiving. I’ve got a lot on my mind & I can’t wait to write a bit more. Joslyn is napping, so I’ll see what I can write during this brief quiet time. She’s already a month old. Here are a few pictures from the month.

A very proud & happy Aunt Schyler!



Enjoying a little tummy time on the quilt I made for her this summer.


I’m all like, “Yeah! My baby is the cutest pumpkin ever. And, I put make up on the first time since she was born. Success!”

She’s all like, “What in the heck is this crazy lady doing with me? Doesn’t she know I can’t really sit up for like four more months?”


My dad came to visit and help for a couple days. He refuses to be called Grandpa (It makes him feel old).

Soo… here are Joslyn and Justin.


Who doesn’t love a good black & white book?


We went to visit Grandpa Bob twice this month. It’s a good, easy, low-key outing* for us.

*Definition of outing: When new parents try to resume normal life and leave the home for a brief period of time while towing a new baby, carseat, diaper bag and host of other things they are not used to carrying. Outings are made much more difficult when the temperature is 2 degrees. Parents and baby return home from theses adventures feeling slightly more confident, and exhausted.

I’m all like, “Woo hoo, we made it to the nursing home in one piece. And, I put on earrings for the first time since she was born. Success!”


Baby yawns make my heart melt. (I think they are busy talking about soybeans.)


Okay, that’s our first month! We went to the doctor yesterday for her checkup and they told me what she weighed, but I was so busy wishing I had a third arm to carry my coat, her coat, her and the diaper bag…that I don’t even remember what she weighed. Next time, I’ll write it down. On second thought, I won’t write it down, I don’t have enough hands. Whatever, she’s gaining weight. All is well!

The books are done!

Now, onto other news. I got an email from Walsworth this morning! The books are ready to be picked up. My fine sister, Savannah, is going to make the trip to Marceline tomorrow from Centralia to pick up the 350 books!

Thanksgiving Plans

  • On Thursday, John, Joslyn and I are taking our first Missouri road trip! We actually aren’t going to make it for Thanksgiving, we are going to be driving on Thanksgiving. (Wish us luck, driving with a newborn? Eeeekkkk.) This will be the most epic *outing ever. By the time we get home, I’ll be a pro at this outing business.
  • On Friday Joslyn gets to meet her great-grandparents, Joan & Luther Angell. It will also be a book signing party. Luther and I are going to sign & number all 350 books. Our pens are ready!
  • On Saturday we are launching the Wild Man book! They will be available at Angell’s Western Wear in Downtown Centralia on #SmallBizSat. (And, online here @ the blog, too.)
  • We are also heading to Missouri so some Mo. folks can meet the baby before she’s a toddler! If you’re in Centralia on Sunday and want to stop by the Country Club from 1-4…we’ll be there having a “Meet Baby Joslyn” party. Super low key, open house, come & go whenever. We just want to share (ahem, show off) our little beautiful bundle! Please stop by and see us if you’re free.

Charity Book Auction

Here’s a little bit more information about the book launch day….


Luther and I will be at the Thanksgiving Cow Sale at the Eastern Missouri Commission Company in Bowling Green, Missouri to begin offering the book on November 29, 2014.

The first signed and numbered first edition book will be auctioned off after lunch, prior to the beginning of the sale. The book auction pays tribute to how Luther spent the majority of his life – at a livestock auction buying, selling, bargaining and bartering!

I’ve been hoping, planning, and praying that we’d be able to sell the first book this way for over a year!4.WildShirtFinalQuote 11

The proceeds of the book auction will be donated to the Heartland Foundation, headquartered in St. Joseph, Missouri. You may be familiar with this charity through the Missouri Cattlemen’s Foundation’s “Cattlemen’s Roundup” event, which donates to the Heartland Foundation each year.

The money raised in the book auction will be used to champion education and empower people to build healthier, and more thriving communities throughout America’s rural heartland. In the past, this work has included programs such as: academic scholarships for youth, meeting the needs of disabled children and farm safety projects that are held across the state.

Packing for the *outing

So, I’m going to spend the next 1.5 days packing, repacking, double checking and trying to calmly remind myself…we can buy whatever I forget. We can buy whatever I forget. Diapers, wipes, pacifiers, sleepers, pack n’ play, book order list, camera, shipping labels….do I have everything……?


  1. Alaina

    Been thinking of you Sierra and was wondering when we’d get an update on Miss J! Lovely photos, thanks for sharing. For your packing trip – don’t forget tylenol/ibuprofen (for you, and miss J, just in case), aslo saline spray and a nose/booger sucker. It will be frightening on your first outing, but you will learn a lot and the more outings you take, the easier it will become.

    We went to a cattle sale when our firstborn was 3 weeks old, through crappy South Dakota road weather, and didn’t bother to stay overnight because we were such rookies. I wish you safe travels with lots of nice rest stops along the way. Enjoy your time in Missouri – what a fun/momentous weekend you have planned!

  2. Melanie (Lowry) Utterback

    If you forget anything don’t hesitate to let me know. We have all of that stuff and will save you from buying something if you don’t really need to buy it. :)

  3. Aunt Jackie

    What cute pictures!


    It is a good thing that you got your book finished before Joslyn joined the family. It is nice to see more pictures of her and your family. I’ve been missing your weekly blogs.



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