Here’s the story of the Tall Trim the Tree Quilt: I saw it at a show in Stover, Missouri.

Fell. in. love.

Bought the pattern. Didn’t know how to foundation piece. Then, I watched these three Youtube videos & learned. I also bought a teeny, template from the Missouri Star Quilt Company to create a inner border from scraps. Purchase links & how to for template are hereDSCN7740Then, I sent it all the way to Missouri to be quilted by Jan at Prairie Queen Quilting. She uses a computerized quilting machine, so I was able to pick from these designs. I selected “christmas tree modern simple.” 1393094_616627698395651_1440305037_n-1It came back to South Dakota in the mail on November 22! Just in time for Christmas decorating after Thanksgiving. I really like the stars & tree pattern in the quilting. DSCN7811DSCN7814

I modified the original pattern a bit. Mine is on the left. Original pattern on the right:

  • Changed color scheme a bit
  • Left off the “tree skirt” in the original pattern
  • Added the pieced inner border
  • Added four “candy cane” corner border blockstrees

It was fun for me to change up the pattern a little bit to “make it my own.” I just started doing this in 2013. Before, I was a diehard pattern-follower. Now, I guess I’m sort of a quilting rebel!? Ha, that doesn’t even make sense. Quilting rebel. More like 20-something quilting geek.  🙂

Anyway – where was I? I am so excited to use this tree as a wall hanging this year. One minor drawback: I think it is almost too tall for our walls!

I teasingly told my Mom the tree need to be hanging in a grand foyer. (Notice how foyer sounds fancier than entryway?)

In my mind, it should hang somewhere like this…right there on that open wall. And…a grand piano could sit below it – with three white, pillar style candles. Okay. Enough dreaming….


Photo credit: Pinterest (of course!)

 This is where it really ended up, on a wall in my studio. I’m happy to be looking at it every day as I walk around our house. DSCN7928

Happy stitching & Merry Christmas –



  1. Sally

    I really like the border and the candy cane corners. It looks great in your home!

  2. Lori

    That is really pretty, Sierra. Have a wonderful Christmas season and make wonderful memories this first Christmas with John.

  3. Laurel Wilson

    Your version is much more interesting than the original. I think this is a wonderful small space Christmas tree–pay attention all you New York apartment dwellers!


  4. Eva

    I love your modifications…what a great holiday wall piece. And I like it on your wall….it looks very festive.

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks Eva! I feel pretty festive every time I look at it — it takes up the whole wall!

  5. Judy


    • Sierra Shea

      Hi, I’m sorry — I have no idea where to get it! I bought it at a show in south Missouri.

      • Peg Schmidt

        I love your changes and I appreciate all your info regarding this pattern!
        Hope I am as successful as you are!
        Understand the larger one is no longer available.

        • Sierra Shea

          Thank you and good luck to you!!!

    • Sierra Shea

      That’s awesome! I’m so glad you were able to find it. I bet you can get it done in time for Christmas decorating, too!

  6. Darlene

    Hello Sierra, your tree hanging quilt is the prettiest I have ever seen. It is gorgeous, so elegant! Love that it is so large. Truly makes me smile just to look at it. Not sure I would be able to take it down until spring arrived. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.
    Nova Scotia

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you so much for the compliments! Our kiddos really enjoy seeing it.

  7. Jane

    I just ordered this pattern only it’s for a shorter tree- no place in my house to hang the taller one. Love the changed you made! Merry Christmas!

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you! Enjoy!


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