Table + Chairs Upcycle: Valspar Glaze & Polyurethane for table top {4 of 7}

Chair+Table2This seven post series was inspired by a table and chairs that I drooled over at Slumberland Furniture for nearly seven months. I decided to go for an table and chairs “upcycle” with what I already had at home. Working with this table and chairs was a labor of love, but the total cost was less than $100. I love the finished product. This was only my second upcycle experience! Anyone can do this. I’m a beginner, too. The finished table now resides in my sewing and writing studio. One chair sits by my sewing machine, another at my computer.

Decorative Valspar Glaze

1. Apply the glaze. I used a kitchen sponge (mostly because that was all I had on hand). It worked just fine & and I threw it away afterwards. I wanted a streaky look, so I kept applying glaze until I had the look I wanted. I had never used this product before, so I was unsure how it would turn out. I bought silver, so the final effect was a subtle shimmer (because I painted blue over the glaze). DSCN3783DSCN3782DSCN3925

It’s messy!

DSCN3656It made my hands look really funny! The jug of glaze is about $13 if I remember correctly, I probably have enough glaze leftover for 40 more chairs.

Minwax Polyurethane for Table Top

The polyurthane coat was for the top of the table, that’s the only spot where I applied it. This will be the spot that gets the most wear & tear, so the polyurethane will help protect the paint & make the surface shinny. I did three coats of a period of two days. This video shows the technique really well. 
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