Chair+Table2This seven post series was inspired by a table and chairs that I drooled over at Slumberland Furniture for nearly seven months. The new set would have cost me nearly $1000 and I just couldn’t take the leap. Instead, I decided to go for an table and chairs upcycle. Working with this table and chairs was a labor of love, but the total cost was less than $100. Plus, I love the finished product. This was only my second upcycle project! Anyone can do this. I’m a beginner, too. The finished table now resides in my sewing and writing studio. One chair sits by my sewing machine, another at my computer and the other two are nestled around our kitchen table. 

New Upholstery {6 of 7}

1. Iron (And, be happy about it! Smile while you iron. This is a craft, not a stupid collared shirt for work.)


2. Layout fabric, cushion and base (in that order) I just make my best guess on length & I always go for more rather than less. A professional would probably take specific measurements, but I just go for the “eyeballin’ it” measurement style.DSCN4388

3. Cut



4. Fold in two sides (Schyler was my photographer, aren’t her socks cute?)


5. Begin Stapling: Be sure to have a helper for this step, you’re going to want to keep the fabric tight over the cushion and the hard wooden base. It helps to have an extra set of hands.DSCN4396

6. Corners: This is the trickiest part. Here is my method, but I am sure there is a better way out there. My thoughts are “done is better than perfect” and “nobody will see this!” So – I don’t get worked up about making a perfectly pleated corner. At this point, we are so close to being done – I am excited and rushing to finish!DSCN4399DSCN4401DSCN4402DSCN4415

7. Staple the last two sides (YEAH!) After finishing all four sides, were are almost done. Screw the newly completed bases onto the chair frame and sit your cute little but down in your finished chair!DSCN4424

Disclaimer: This is how a quilter reupholstered a chair, there may be a better method out there. But, this is my lay-person method & it was pretty dang simple. Remember (in this case) done is better than perfect! Mostly what I learned is this: it is not a hard as it looks.


*Photos by The Barefoot Photographer during spring visit from sisters! It was a great weekend!


  1. Eva

    Thanks Sierra…I need to do my dining room chairs..I think I can!

    • Sierra Shea

      I think you can too! send pics if you do!


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