Preparing for a “Mom with Littles” Look

So, I’m practically convinced that this is the last summer of my life that I’ll be carrying a purse.


Because come October, I’m going to start wearing the ever-fashionable Mom with Littles Look — you know — a diaper bag, car seat, and host of other baby necessities.

I simply can’t imagine having room for a purse in my life, too.

Or, maybe, I’ll still have a purse but I’ll just generally grab my wallet, lip gloss/lip stick, phone, diaper bag, kid and the car seat, down coats, hats, scarves, gloves…the list goes on.

You see, I just ain’t gonna have time/space/brain capacity/third arm for carrying around no fashionable purse!

That’s why this summer I decided to make a purse. I wanted to enjoy these last few simple months of leaving the house with nothing in my arms & a small, simple purse on my shoulder.

Maybe by 2034, I’ll start leaving the house again this way?

The Purse

Here is the Etsy listing for the “Liz Everyday Bag Pattern”. I enjoyed printing my own PDF pattern from home & then making the purse. My bag making skills were a little (okay, a lot) rusty and I still managed to make this purse without any tears. In case the link breaks, here is the link to the OhKoey shop, too. 

IMG_0913 IMG_0922

So, buy & download with no fear ladies! This simple purse is DO-able. As long as you’ve taken a purse making class before, I think you’ll have the basic knowledge of how to follow these directions.

You might not be in the market for a new purse right now…so I thought I’d include a link to this blog I enjoy. She recently posted some purse organization tips & I found the post very helpful/motivating/inspiring.

Summer Sewing?

I always thought that summertime would be my off-time from sewing. But, it turns out that cows eat a lot of hay in the winter, so John does about two weeks on and off of 18-hour days baling hay in June and again in July. Thus, I have time to sew. Here’s my farm wife logic:

Haying + being 6 months pregnant + nesting + weird mom/purse/diaper bag anxieties = I’m more likely to spend time sitting & sewing this summer than usual.


What sewing or quilting projects do you like to work on in the summer?

Do you have any suggestions for portable projects – good for road trips, sitting by the pool, and ball games?

Please share the links to your favorite Etsy shops & patterns below!