Preparing for a “Mom with Littles” Look

So, I’m practically convinced that this is the last summer of my life that I’ll be carrying a purse.


Because come October, I’m going to start wearing the ever-fashionable Mom with Littles Look — you know — a diaper bag, car seat, and host of other baby necessities.

I simply can’t imagine having room for a purse in my life, too.

Or, maybe, I’ll still have a purse but I’ll just generally grab my wallet, lip gloss/lip stick, phone, diaper bag, kid and the car seat, down coats, hats, scarves, gloves…the list goes on.

You see, I just ain’t gonna have time/space/brain capacity/third arm for carrying around no fashionable purse!

That’s why this summer I decided to make a purse. I wanted to enjoy these last few simple months of leaving the house with nothing in my arms & a small, simple purse on my shoulder.

Maybe by 2034, I’ll start leaving the house again this way?

The Purse

Here is the Etsy listing for the “Liz Everyday Bag Pattern”. I enjoyed printing my own PDF pattern from home & then making the purse. My bag making skills were a little (okay, a lot) rusty and I still managed to make this purse without any tears. In case the link breaks, here is the link to the OhKoey shop, too. 

IMG_0913 IMG_0922

So, buy & download with no fear ladies! This simple purse is DO-able. As long as you’ve taken a purse making class before, I think you’ll have the basic knowledge of how to follow these directions.

You might not be in the market for a new purse right now…so I thought I’d include a link to this blog I enjoy. She recently posted some purse organization tips & I found the post very helpful/motivating/inspiring.

Summer Sewing?

I always thought that summertime would be my off-time from sewing. But, it turns out that cows eat a lot of hay in the winter, so John does about two weeks on and off of 18-hour days baling hay in June and again in July. Thus, I have time to sew. Here’s my farm wife logic:

Haying + being 6 months pregnant + nesting + weird mom/purse/diaper bag anxieties = I’m more likely to spend time sitting & sewing this summer than usual.


What sewing or quilting projects do you like to work on in the summer?

Do you have any suggestions for portable projects – good for road trips, sitting by the pool, and ball games?

Please share the links to your favorite Etsy shops & patterns below!







  1. Andrea M.

    I’m currently expecting my 3rd child (due the day before your bundle!) and I have rarely ever carried a diaper bag, unless I plan to visit someone for more than a few hours. I simply migrated to a larger purse (the “Mommy Purse” I call my big ones!). It can hold my wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss, any other odds and ends for me, a change of clothes for baby, diapers for 2 kids (usually only 2 of each), a travel case for wipes, a momma-made changing pad, juice cup, snack cup for each kid, and maybe a bottle. Even with the diaper bags available, we use an old back pack – saves $$ and is easier to carry when there’s a purse on your shoulder, kid in one arm, groceries in another….gets it out of the way! And there are plenty of fashionable “Mommy Purses” out there (or patterns for ones that will work)! Good luck and enjoy your summer!

    • Sierra Shea

      Andrea, brilliant! I love the idea of migrating to a bigger purse! That never dawned on me! And, back packs seem like a great idea, too. I hope you are feeling well. I’m crossing my fingers that our baby doesn’t arrive on Halloween – I love holidays, but would feel sorry for any kiddo who had to share their birthday with a holiday. Good luck with your last few months.


    Hi Sierra,

    It has been a sewing summer on a variety of projects. I made a bunny story book for my niece, placemats for my cousin, a blouse for me, and a quilt for the house. I have also mended Kiah’s chewed dog bed a couple of times–I wonder how long tearing up beds is going to last. She is 2.5 so there should be no more of that. I think that you have accomplished more during your summer.


    • Sierra Shea

      Dr. Wilson,
      Those all sound like interesting projects! How did you come up with the fabric book? That sounds neat! What kind of fabric did you use on the blouse?



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