In the modern digital landscape, there are many small streams (social media) that should lead to the main river (blog). It’s frustrating to keep up with it all & still miss bits here and there. This week, I’m experimenting with gathering the best of the small “streams” of content I create on the internet, here, at the main river.

Now, for the first Streams blog post, a collection of the best I created, based on your likes from the last ten days or so.

At @BySierraShea account on IG, I shared about my goal for a new year after my birthday arrived & passed: upping my skincare game. It was your favorite post this week.

Your second favorite post was about weekly planning tips with my planner spread.

My favorite thing I created here this week was a new highlight with all of my posts related to our families lived experiences social distancing. It was so cool to use instagram to reflect on this strange season, it inspired me to KEEP WRITING about the pandemic.

At @THEPEACOCK.RANCH account on IG, I shared my favorite tips for keeping toys tidy at home without too much stress. You can see the whole routine in a few clicks here. Two weeks ago, I also posted my weekly cleaning routine & meal plan guide. For being a starter account, it received some good feedback, so I decided to continue sharing it. If it gathers any momentum (and I hope it does!), I’ll hope to create a blog post series with the same content.

Of course, your favorite posts there were the ones of my kids playing and playing on their swing set. Who doesn’t love to see kids outside?

We are also in the process of redoing Joslyn’s room. You can see the silly chaos here. I love to decorate, but I’m hoping this is our last family room swap for at least … two or three years. Cross your fingers, please.

On my digital bookshelves accounts on Instagram, @SS.READS.THEOLOGY and @SS.READS.SOCIOLOGY, I reviewed:

Obviously, it would make a lot of sense to post some (or all?) of these things here on the blog, but after 5 years of hoping I’d get back to blogging with babies, I am giving up and giving into the EASE of Instagram. I will keep working to get back to the blog more often! I miss it so much. But, Gals, I made all that stuff ON MY PHONE. I cannot blog like that from my phone the platform is just too clunky compared to IG. Someday these sweet babies will go off to school & I’ll have consistent laptop time. In the MEANTIME, there will be multiple IG accounts, affiliate links, and more adjustments as we go.

Do you like this? Should I do it once a week? Bi-weekly? Monthly? If so, please drop me a line here or on IG! For reference, this is about 10 days of the “streams” gathered here to the river.


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