I posted about this Star Regiment quilt after I received it back from the quilter. It came in my first Package from Missouri.


After whining a little about how I don’t truly enjoy binding, I finally got busy and started working instead! I finished binding it earlier this month on our drive home from a friend’s wedding in Aberdeen, South Dakota. This is my first sewing project that I can (proudly) say I did all the binding by myself. No help from my Grandma! I’m growing up. Sort of. If she wanted to help on the next one, I’d sure take it.


The pattern for this project came from a 2011 issue of Sew Scrappy.

Image 1

I enjoyed making a smaller sized quilt for a change. This was only 13 blocks!


I finished the top over Thanksgiving Break in 2012 and purchased fabric for the outer border and binding at Lone Tree Legend Quilts.


Once I was done binding, I decided to hang it on the wall at my office at South Dakota State University. I started working there part-time as an Extension Associate for a writing project about a month ago and my space is seriously in need of color! My room doesn’t have a window (not complaining, just saying!) so I hope the quilt will brighten things up a bit.

Image 2

Doesn’t that white cinder block wall just beg to be covered up by quilt? DSCN3819

I have never hung a quilt on a wall like this before, but I used Command Strips and they worked great. I was a bit confused about how to hang it before I found those. I made a photo-tutorial of the process (here) if you are trying to temporarily hang a quilt, too. DSCN3820

Thanks for reading! XO, Sierra Shea


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