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I have five pillows, one blanket and a sheepskin on my couch right now. Can I possibly come up with a better way to make myself go insane? Five pillows which I know…will be tossed onto the floor, sat on, squished, and…best of all…five pillows that I will have to pick up a GA-zillion times. Plus, the blanket will need to be refolded daily. Silliness!

After all – they are called THROW pillows! Because what do we all do? We THROW them on the floor. And, we pick them up again. THROW them on the floor. Pick them up again.

Despite the numerous first world problems that throw pillows bring into our lives – I still sorta like ’em. And, I like making them. ‘Cause throws pillow ain’t cheap!

We’ve had this couch for a year now. It came with five pillows & I was all like — I don’t like those pillows, they are going in the attic!! 

IMG_0764 (I did not buy the ottoman that went with this couch and I wish I would have. Buyer’s remorse.) 

If you don’t like the ones that come with your couch (like me) strip off those so-not-my-style-coverings and start over! It only took me a year to find a good, easy pattern.

Here is the tutorial I used from The Happy Housie. It was awesome. No mistakes. No Pinterest fails, just a great photo-packed tutorial. simple-envelope-pillow-tutorial-2-at-thehappyhousie-832x1024

So, I made two chevron pillows. The measurements of my pillow forms (after stripping off the paisley store bought cover) were 23 x 23. That meant my front chevron fabric panel needed to by 23 x 23.

Then, following Krista’s instructions for the back – I needed to add 6 inches & divide by two. This would allow space for the “envelop part.” That was 29 / 2 = 14.5. So, I cut two white pieces for the back at 14.5 x 23.

Within 20 minutes they were done & sitting on our couch. And, they looked lonely. I know that sounds crazy – but they did!

So, I made two more! Thanks to this great Envelop Pillow tutorial – I was set! I even knew how to do the math to make smaller pillows. Talk about empowering!

These were 14×14 pillows:

  • Front panel (1): 14 x 14
  • Back panels (2): 10 x 14


I added a white one that I purchased a few months ago at Target & a sheepskin that we received for a wedding gift.


OMG, I just noticed…the brown pillow is not in the right spot. Grrrr. Time to arrange. #firstworldprobs



And, it matches the cow art!IMG_9830

Despite all the ho-humming about the insanity of picking up & perfectly arranging throw pillows — I haven’t mentioned the best part. You get to use them! Lay down, curl up & watch some of the Winter Olympics. Or, take a cat nap!

Don’t be fooled my friends: This is not in vain – pillows have purpose!!

Instead of perfectly arranging the pillows, I’ll just use one (or three) to take a nap!



  1. Laurel Wilson

    Love the cow art and how it goes with the pillows.


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