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Previously, I posted about entering the 6 Squared Fundraiser. I have been working on my mini 6 in by 6 in quilts for the fundraiser in Brookings with the Brookings Art’s Council. Like always, the deadline is coming right up!

I found an excellent tutorial on machine binding at Olive & Ollie. I found out about the Olive & Ollie blog when I bought the book Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe. I loved the book.

For the first one I just did a simple 6 x 6 scrap of fabric. So tiny!


I’m using scraps from my Star Regiment quilt.


I did the machine quilting myself. First one! I took a class about a month ago and this is my first practice round. Its a tiny, tiny pattern.


I am just learning to machine quilt so it was good practice.

Now it is time to attach my binding – which is where the Olive & Ollie tutorial comes into play. I am going to give her method a shot.



I won this iPad through a contest at work. I don’t use it too often, because I’m just on my regular computer. Isn’t it funny that my “quilt” is smaller than an iPad?


This – however – was incredibly helpful. I’m going to use the iPad more now when I’m doing quilting tutorials.


I should have used light green thread so it would blend in better. But, I don’t have any right now & it is a snowy day, so I didn’t feel like making a trip.


Basically, I made a glorified potholder. Some people might call it a mini quilt. I think it is a potholder. It is not perfect, but I am okay with that! At least I am learning.


This is the first miniquilt I have ever made. Even though they are small & remind me of potholders – I am going to keep making them. On this little guy I practiced three techinques I’ve never done before. Its nice to do new things on a small-scale. Not so intimidating.

  • machine quilting – 3 layers coming together 
  • mitered corners – much tidier than my normal haphazard approach
  • machine binding – much faster than hand binding

Stay Warm! Sierra Shea




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