1. State Fair is over. It finished up over Labor Day weekend.

2. The weather man started using the F-word and the S-word. (Frost & Snow.)

3. We had to put two quilts on the bed last night.

4. They are almost ready to cut silage for the cow’s feed this winter.

5. We are going to can our last round of tomatoes this weekend. (Our ‘feed’ for the winter.)

6. I wore a stocking cap and gloves on my walk yesterday.

One thing I won’t be adding to the list is: We are wearing sweat shirts.

In South Dakota, any month of the year is fair game for a sweat shirt. After the chilly summer of 2014, I have officially worn a sweat shirt in May, June, July and August. This was new for me.

To deal with all this fall-ness, I made lasagna & zucchini bread yesterday.

Somehow, a BLT just didn’t seem appropriate.





  1. Kathy Hasekamp

    I think we are only supposed to get to 65 today, here at ‘home’. Of course, first of the week, I got sunburned watching the littlest play football. Gotta love the every changing temps in MO.

    • Sierra Shea

      Yes, the temps to change rapidly! One good thing about fall is football!

  2. Meredith

    I would love to see South Dakota in the fall! Good tree color?

    • Sierra Shea

      HA! No, that’s one thing I miss about Missouri. Especially, Defiance, where my mom grew up. SD has few trees + lots of wind + colder temps = pretty, yellow leaves on the tree in my yard last year lasted about 3 days.

      I will say, the prairie/fields turn a pretty golden color though.


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