Blog Layout Update

I stayed up late last night updating the structure of my blog. Prior to April 7th, 2013 it had a home page and a blog page. That was it. Last night, I removed the home page & simply left the blog page as the main stop. No big changes there, the blogroll will still have ALL the posts. As the blog has filled up with posts over the last few months, I have started to feel the need to add a bit more organization. So, I added pages for main topics: Quilts, DIY Farmhouse & Writing.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.43.57 PM

New Layout

This design concept was not my original idea. Other quilting-loving bloggers at Cluck Cluck Sew & In Color Order both have a single page to showcase their finished quilts with links to the original posts on each quilt specifically. I liked their idea. The Pioneer Woman also made a separate page for her remodeling projects on a lodge & building. Finally, the writing section seemed to be a natural organizational fit and I would hate to leave it out.

All that being said – I hope the changes are a good adjustment & the layout makes sense. In college, I took a web design class and we talked in-depth about the importance of a simple layout. Simple is what I’m striving for. However, it was late at night. I was getting a bit sleepy. If you have any suggestions or spots that cause confusion – please let me know! I’ll try fixin’ it ASAP. I am open to suggestions.

More Updates Soon

I’m also working with a graphic designer from to create a new banner for the top of the site to dress things up a bit. I just sent over my elaborate vision for that small, little space. I am looking forward to what they send back in the next week or so! Eeeeee!

XO, Sierra Shea


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