Currently, I’m a renter. This means, when something needs fixin’ it does not get fixed. I just cover it up! I wanted to share two examples of cheap renting-style solutions.

Problem #1

The bedroom has a washer and dryer hook-up. Yet, I do not want to have have a washer and dryer in my bedroom. If fact, I do not even have a washer and dryer. I drag all my clothing out to my fiance’s house every weekend. So, I really need to somehow cover these pipes up. My first idea was a tall dresser, but the dresser was too wide and covered part of the closet entry which looked quite silly.

DSCN2159Problem #2

Apparently, the washer had leaked at some point and discolored the hardwood floors (such a shame!). If this were my own home, I would be inclined to figure out how to sand the floors down and then restain them. However, I just needed a short-term solution.


Solution #1

I was having trouble coming up with a way to hide the hook-ups, until this idea popped into my head. We took the old door from a barn at my soon-to-be-mother-in-law’s home & I bought a mirror at Wal-Mart for $15 (maybe less). Using a handheld power drill we attached the mirror to the door with the four brackets and four screws that came with the mirror. Then – I leaned it against the wall – done!

DSCN2176Solution #2

The spot on the floor with the water stains is located right below the new mirror. So, I bought a rug at Lowe’s for about $20. I laid it on the floor right below the door.


Total Cost: 

Project number one only cost about $15. I really like the mirror and it is convenient to have nearby my closet. I can also take it with me when I move out. The second solution was about $20. The curtain panels were only $5 each from Wal-Mart. So, two problems and two solutions for about $45.


  1. Laurel Wilson

    Very inventive–and congratulations!

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you! Good to hear from you!


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