Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday dedicated to supporting small businesses.

Please stop by Angell’s Western Wear tomorrow to pick up a signed and numbered copy of the Wild Man book!

The book is about my grandfather, Luther Angell. He is a strong supporter of local business – he’s owned operated the western store in Downtown Centralia for decades! He wouldn’t want to see empty store fronts in his hometown, so he’s happy to run the western clothing store even though he’s 80 years old.

Luther’s passion for local businesses even made it’s way into the Wild Man book.

When we were looking for a printer, I discovered that Marceline, Missouri (population: 2,100) boasted Walsworth Publishing. After contacting them, I knew that this was where Luther would want the books printed, close to home & in another small town.

On Wensday, my dad and sister drove to Walsworth and picked up all the books. In typical, small-town fashion their simple errand to pick up boxed books turned into a full-blown tour of the printing facility. How cool is that?

IMG_0015Our travels from South Dakota to Missouri yesterday went wonderful. Baby Joslyn was an excellent traveler. She didn’t fuss at all & slept great. (We just had one explosive diaper to deal with. #motherhood #truckstopbathroom)

When we arrived at my Mom’s house the first thing I wanted to do was — of course — see the books! John and I tried – and failed – to take a decent photo of me with the book. I guess we were a little loopy from our long road trip.





PS: If you pre-ordered a copy of Wild Man, I’ll start packing and shipping them on Monday.

PPS: If you can’t make it to Centralia for #SmallBizSat — you purchase a copy online here.


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