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Putting my poem up for sale was a bit nerve wracking artistically and logistically. When I listed the poem on Facebook, I had never done much shipping before. In hindsight, I should have looked into that first – before coming up with a price. Lesson learned!

I learned a bit about packing, shipping and keeping addresses organized. I also downloaded the PayPal app so I could send orders right from my phone.

That was all good for me to learn. However, those were just little things compared to the kind and community-centered responses I got from women around the US. I feel much more connected to “farm wives” after putting this poem “out there.”

So far, I have been fortunate enough to send a poem to these states:

South Dakota

I didn’t want to list these states to show how many poems had sold (Less than 50, but hey…I am thrilled).

I wanted to show that there are farm wives in every state! Women who work every day to care for kids, husbands, livestock and homes. We are part of a larger community of women.

Mother’s Day is getting very close and this will be one that I always remember! I would love to keep writing, but I am heading out to help my Mom move some of her cows!

Sierra Shea



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  1. Kathy Hasekamp

    I aimed to catch up with you last night at FFA Banquet and see how the sales were going, looks like good. Yes selling and shipping a learning curve in and of itself, but you’ll get it down pat soon! Way to go girlie! 🙂


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Hey, I’m Sierra Shea! I am so glad you are here. 

Where do I start with writing to introduce this blog? At the beginning, I suppose: I’ve been writing on various platforms online since 2013. I started blogging shortly after moving to South Dakota.

I am a mother and a maker at heart. I’m so grateful to be married to John and mother of three: Joslyn, J.D. and Jesse.

I am a self-taught decorator and designer. I am a brand new shepherdess and a Spiritual Director.

I love living in South Dakota, even though the winters & the wind can be a near-daily struggle.

Blogging is a grounding force in my life and it helps get me out of my head, unstuck and moving in the directions I always hoped I’d be going!