This week my sister Schyler came to visit & we are sewing up a storm.

One of my favorite things to do while sewing is to “double-team” a project. If one person sews while the other cuts, irons and lines up the fabric a whole lot can get done in a short amount of time! It is amazing.

Schyler and I worked on my Emerald Challenge Quilt, so I did the sewing & cutting while she ironed and lined up pieces. DSCN6112We also got a few completed projects ironed and ready to enter at the county fair in the “open-class.”

The best part about sewing together was talking & listening to music while we worked. As you’ll see, we also did a little dancing & singing. I snapped this video of Schyler while she wasn’t watching, she said I could share it though!

Do you ever “double-team” a sewing project? Do you work with a sister or a friend? As you can tell – we think it is great fun!