The South Dakota Quilters Guild held their annual show in Huron, South Dakota. I went over on Sunday afternoon and took photos of the beautiful quilts. There were sooooooooo many quilts. I simply cannot fit them into one post. So, I’ll share them over the next week or so.

Today’s quilts are loosely defined as “art quilts.” I am amazed by the detail and creativity in these quilts. I would never cuddle up with one of these quilts to watch a movie, but I would gladly hang one on my wall to admire.

Quilt #1DSCN7199DSCN7202 DSCN7201 DSCN7200

Quilt #2DSCN7126 DSCN7125 DSCN7124 DSCN7123

Quilt #3DSCN7135DSCN7141  DSCN7139 DSCN7138 DSCN7137

Quilt #4DSCN7113DSCN7119 DSCN7118  DSCN7114

Quilt #5 DSCN7111

Quilt #6DSCN7105DSCN7108

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