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Rural Socially-Distanced Sabbath Rhythm with Small Kids + Online Grocery Pick-Up

This is an extremely chill weekend day where I attempt to rest. It can happen on Saturday or Sunday, whatever fits the week better for this strange season. Essentially, our usual screen time limits are *ABOLISHED* for this day. I just go with the flow and try to be as chill as possible for a world pandemic + high calving season stress. Sometimes I turn my phone off for all or part of this day. Sometimes I don’t. Our kiddos are 5.5, almost 4, and 1.5, most of the time John is gone almost the entire day during calving, so this is a one woman circus. The primary goal is for me to get some rest, to enjoy the kids as much as possible, and to celebrate.

Okay … here we go!

6:15 or 6:30 AM: Mom attempts to get up and read and do a morning quiet time before everyone is up. Dad’s morning schedule varies greatly depending on how much he was up the night before. He usually leaves between 6:30 and 8:00.

6:30 or 7 AM: Early bird-type kiddos wake up. Usually one at a time. Potty, milk, cuddles. Repeat. Cartoons or read a book or both. Unload dishes. I pickup what didn’t get picked up the night before in the living room, play room, and kitchen.

7:30 AM or 8 AM: Our night owl kiddo wakes up. When everyone is awake we choose a movie on Netflix. Granola bars or toast in living room. Everyone stays in PJs. Mom reads or watches movie with the kids. Dad is out doing chores.

9:00 or 9:30 AM: Mom makes some kind of fun hot breakfast. Play worship music while I cook. Kids can sing along, too. Bacon, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, sausage. Something that we usually don’t have time for that feels fun and special and pushes lunch back until 1 PM instead of the normal 11:30 AM. If it’s Sunday I attempt to live stream a church service while I cook and the kids play.

10:00 – 10:30 AM: Eat and then clean up kitchen. John might stop and grab something to-go for breakfast.

10:30 – 11:30 AM: Play inside. Usually coloring, play dough, puzzles, trucks, dolls, etc. We try not to go outside in the AM, because it is very muddy and still chilly here in the am.

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM: Start another 30 minute TV show. Wait around for John to finish chores & get semi-cleaned up. Get myself ready to go while they watch a show. Look for and download a new audiobook on my phone with Audible app while the kids watch a show. Choose a book or magazine to take along in the car. Change diaper. Potty. Load car. Pack sippy cups, a few books, and diaper bag. This hour is not fun, but it’s workable. The baby is getting tired and getting out the door is a struggle. Big kids are tired of waiting on Dad. OR, if calving is too busy, I leave one of the bigger kids with John and I go to Brookings alone with two kiddos.

12:00 – 12: 40 PM: Drive to Brookings. Baby naps. Big kids listen to children’s book. Parents talk in semi-peace and calm. Read magazine some while he “farms”. OR, I let the baby nap and one of the big kids watch a show on my phone and I pray and drive.

12:40 PM: McDonalds Drive-Thru. Go all out. Supersize. Happy meal. WHATEVER WE WANT PEOPLE WE HAVE NOT LEFT THE FARM IN DAYYYYYYYYYS. Baby wakes up at drive-thru. OR, pack a lunch and eat sandwiches on the way.

1 PM: HyVee Grocery Pickup. (Meal plan + order on Thur or Friday.)

1:15 PM to 2 PM: Head home.

2 PM: Unload groceries. Kids play. Rest a little & watch a show. Dad checks cows. OR, Dad brings back the now-tired kiddo and we unpack groceries together.

3 PM: Everyone outside and play. Drive around and throw rocks in the places John picks out. OR, play in the backyard if their are too many calves coming to leave the farm.

4:30 PM – 5:30 PM: Home and make supper. Something very chill or leftovers. Kids play or have iPad time in the kitchen with me while I cook. No TV usually just iPad so they can be with me in the same room.

5:30 – 6:30 PM – If nothing is calving, Mom rests/preps for week alone in basement. Dad feed kiddos supper, if they are crabby. Then, he leaves to do evening chores. OR, If something is calving, Dad is gone and we do a very simple supper like Spaghettio’s and I’m rocking on my own.

6:30 PM: Dad leaves to check cows again and do night chores.

7 PM – Pass time with baths.

7:30 PM – Baby to bed.

8:00 PM – Early bird toddler to bed. Pickup, dishes, toys. Maybe a school project homework for me or Joslyn.

8:30 or 9:00 PM: Night owl toddler to bed. Mom picks up and then heads to bed to read before bed. Or, watch a show with John.

10:00 PM: I aim to be in bed by this time.

I hope this is helpful! Sharing in-depth schedules is tricky and I realize you might be cringing right now with all the screen time on this example day. Instead, I am hoping it feels like a like a permission slip. Listen friends: calving is exhausting. Covid-19 is exhausting. There’s no right way to feel and do Covid-19. Adding in calving is double trouble for us right now, so some extra screen time & a mostly happy family is my priority.

Now, some pics from IG over the last few weeks as I experimented with this little routine!

Hang in there friends!

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