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Roxie must have the most vivid dreams of any dog I’ve ever met. Every day she naps and squirms around so much that she falls partly off her bed. Strangely, she remains sleeping in the most awkward positions. IMG_2730

How can she possibly sleep like this? IMG_2731

Don’t you think she’d get a kink in her neck?IMG_2738

For real, Roxie – is this a joke? Are you punking me? IMG_2740She must be dreaming of chasing a cat! IMG_2757

It is official. World’s most flexible sleeper.


  1. Julie

    I know my neck would never move again!!!

    • Sierra Shea

      Mine either!

  2. Sally

    She is so cute! That made me laugh.

    • Sierra Shea

      Wait til you see all the stuff she wrecked this week.

  3. Katie

    SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  4. Laurel Wilson

    She must be a cattle dog–this is how Kiah sleeps too. Who would think it could be comfortable.

  5. Aly Francis

    Hi this is Aly Francis using my grandmas email. I want the dog back just kidding. Roxie is so adorable


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