Today, I’m excited to share a new poem with you! Last year, I wrote a version called “So God Made a Farmer’s Wife.” That poem highlighted the work, worries, joys and life of a farm wife.

This version is all about the ranch wife. Although the two jobs may seem similar, they can really be quite different.

I’m totally pumped about this poem, partly because I love the photograph so much. I took this picture on a ranch outside of Pierre, South Dakota this summer when I went to look at some bred Red Angus heifers that were for sale. So, it captures a happy memory for me.

So God Made a Ranch Wife

After I finished the poem, I just knew those majestic green grasslands & lovely blue sky would make a pretty pair.

Last year, when I published the farm wife version – I wasn’t even married yet. I couldn’t relate to most of the things I’d written about on a personal level. However, I drew from the experiences of the women in my life – my mothers, aunts, neighbors.

This time around…I can relate. I’ve only been married a few months now, but today my life as a farm/ranch wife reflected several of the lines in this poem.

  1. We renewed all of our farm loans today for 2014. I had to sign with steady hands.
  2. This little calf was born on our place! Luckily, we haven’t had to bring any into the house to warm up this year.14874_549608535152570_1294977067_n
  3. I’ve got about two more loads of laundry to throw in the wash & about five to fold! (We’ll see if this actually gets done or not!)
  4. Oh, and I’m fixing this homemade hamburger helper tonight for supper.


    Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats

For all Ranch Women 

Of course, this poem still isn’t just about my life. I know so many women who work in the role of a ranch wife each day. Like me, they love their work and feel blessed to live in the country, work outside and raise delicious beef!

Order a Copy! 

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One More Thing

Last year, I dedicated the So God Made a Farmer’s Wife poem to my Mom. This year, ironically, I’m dedicating the farm wife version to John – my sweet husband. Seems kind of weird to dedicate a farm wife poem to a man, but OH WELL! Roll with it!

John, thanks for letting me be your ranch wife and a writer. I really love our life, even when we are checking cows at midnight.