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Thank you for voting.

Last week, I asked for your help in choosing the title of my upcoming second book on Facebook, here, and in my email list. The vote is still continuing for the final book title with an opportunity to vote coming out in The Cattleman’s Advocate next week in the August issue. But, the unofficial count looks like:

  • Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards: Stories on Surviving Change

I believe I’ll use the runner-up as the title of the prologue:

  • Red Ink: It’s not always about the money

Pre-Orders Open Today!

Since this is a self-funded and self-published project, taking pre-orders is the most accurate way for me to gauge the number of copies that I need to order. I have to order a minimum of 250, but after that I’m uncertain on the interest and needs of this hardback print run.

The only way I can guarantee that you receive a hardback copy of my second book is for you to place a pre-order. Sound simple enough? I hope so! This isn’t our first rodeo any more and I learned bunches about book inventory, printing, production and shipping with the Wild Man book. (We sold out of the first hardback print run of Wild Man in less than 30 days last time!)

I’m excited! This is the fun part. I worked on and off for 7+ years to bring this book to you, I can’t wait to share it!

  • Special First Edition: Hardcover with a protective dust jacket.
  • Pre-Order deadline: September 1.
  • Price: $25
  • Shipping: FREE. Pick up your book at the Launch Party or Missouri Book Tour and I’ll sign it. Or, receive by mail by November 1.
  • Shop local: Printed at Walsworth Publishing in Marceline, Missouri. (I used to run track there!)

Two Ways to Pre-Order Your Hardback Copy

  1. Online: Visit my online store and place your pre-order. This worked well for about 95% of people last time, if you have problems please contact me.
  2. Mail: Make a check payable to Sierra Shea and mail to P.O. Box 93, Lake Preston, SD 57249.

Launch Party & Book Signing

This will be the very first day that the book is available to the public! I’m happy to sign copies of the books and visit with you.

  • Saturday, October 8th from 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Angell’s Western Wear & More in Downtown Centralia
  • I’ll be at the store to sign and hand deliver your pre-order books.
  • Purchase a book and receive 10% off your purchases at the western store that day.
  • Enter to win a pair of tickets for the Luke Bryan concert October 14th in Centralia, Mo.
  • If you can’t attend the launch party, your pre-order book will be shipped around November 1, 2016.

Missouri Week-Long Book Tour & Signing

Every year, I like to try and make one trip back to Missouri before the intense South Dakota winter hits. Then, after that, I don’t make plans to be home for the holidays because its simply too hard to plan ahead for safe travel over such a long distance in the winter! Sometime in January when the forecast is clear and everyone slows down again from the holidays I try to make my way south once more. This year, I decided to turn my week-long fall visit into a book tour. My kiddos and I will be showing up at all of these locations to sign copies of both of my books! I am looking forward to visiting with all of my old friends, family and neighbors at these locations before hunkering down for winter:

  • Missouri Valley Commission Company, Boonville, Missouri, 10.11.16, 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Eastern Missouri Commission Company, Bowling Green, Missouri, 10.14.16, 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Angell-Thomas Charolais 5th Annual Bull & Female Sale, Paris, Missouri, 10.15.16, 11 AM – 1 PM
  • Anchor City Cook-Off, 10.15.16, 2:30 – 4:30 PM
  • Check back soon for 1-2 more potential tour dates between October 8th – October 15th.
  • If there’s any interest or need, I’ll consider adding a South Dakota tour stop upon our return.

If you cannot pick up your pre-order copy of the second book at the Launch Party or Missouri Book Tour, I will take it back to South Dakota with me and have it shipped to you around November 1, 2016.

Goals & Good Gifts

Thanks for reading & sharing my work! My first goal for this book is to sell enough pre-orders to meet the hardback minimum order set fourth by the printers of 250. I love books so much, that I want this to be a nice, high-quality project. I would actually make more money (and have almost no need for pre-orders) if this book was printed simply as a paperback.

But, I want to do it right this first time while I have the opportunity!

So far, I’ve been able to sell over 500 copies of the Wild Man book. These books about rural folks and farming make a great gift for that one hard-to-shop-for-person on your list who doesn’t need another wrench set or crock pot!


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Where do I start with writing to introduce this blog? At the beginning, I suppose: I’ve been writing on various platforms online since 2013. I started blogging shortly after moving to South Dakota.

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