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Luther’s handwriting is as wild as the stories in the Wild Man book.

Check out his signature below on the first page of book number one.

.I asked him to “please write neatly” …and he still covered up half the page.

He didn’t have much to say about his poor handwriting, except this anecdote.

He explained, “When we used to buy and sell hogs, one person told me they never knew what their hogs brought until the check was deposited in the bank.”

Eventually, Luther’s brother Buddy had to write all the checks.


This book sold for $220 at the Thanksgiving cow sale in Bowling Green, Mo. The funds were donated to the Heartland Foundation in Saint Joseph, Mo. Special thanks to the Oberling family for purchasing this book!


  1. Judy Stowers

    Hi Sierra,
    I am retiring 12-31-14 and am asking that you remove my email address here at my office. I have subscribed to your blog at home so will keep up with you there.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015.


    Nice work on the book .


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