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Pandemic Reflections & Our Return to a Favorite Place

The Children’s Museum reopened with social distancing measures that were super considerate and doable. What’s the place you’ve been looking most forward to returning to? This was mine!

A long, leisurely coffee shop would be second on my list! It’s hard and awkward and hot and strange, but we’re still doing it y’all! Also, TARGET, but I’ve been going there for a while now all masked-up. I went once without my mask, but felt crummy because the employees were wearing theirs. If they are trying, I decided I should try, too.

I have seen or heard lately of some mandatory mask rules by cities and such. I know masks have become wildly divisive, but for me it remains a non-political decision. I know we don’t need another mask lecture, but I’ve never shared my non-political reasons for wearing a mask. Today, seems like a good day since I’m bubbling with joy in the midst of hard, strange times.

I’m just not going to politicize masks, because of these following reasons:

Masks = more freedom to go more safely, especially as more wear them, masks = considerate to the vulnerable, masks = awkwardness, masks = i wear it indoors but not outdoors, masks = I wear it in public spaces but not private spaces, masks = corporate well-being prioritized over individual preference/comfort, masks = a unexpected but clear social signal to please stand a bit further away from me, masks = frankly a bit of a spiritual discipline in being a weirdo/not at the cool table.

Also, just to further clarify: my mask doesn’t mean I’m scared. It doesn’t mean I’m a Democrat. It doesn’t mean I’m riddled with anxiety. My mask doesn’t mean wearing it doesn’t annoy me, it is annoying. It doesn’t mean I’m trying to protect my kids. All those have been tossed at me, so I’m tossing them back with a grin and a — nope. Although, you can’t see my grin. It’s hiding. I’ll awkwardly wink at you instead.

Okay, off of the mask topic. As I mentioned on IG, I have dreamed of this moment of being back at the Children’s Museum. I’m okay not being back to normal. But I get it. Some parts of normal were good.

Some parts were not. Let’s sort them out and keep the best. When I think back on the young hard tired miserable beautiful years of my motherhood to tiny humans, I will probably remember: wearing PJs so much of the time and being so confused about why it’s so flipping hard to get myself dressed. And, being happy and exhausted and head-on-a-swivel at the Children’s Museum. Keeping track of them is intense.

Hope keeps us alive. Hope keeps us strong. Hope got me here. It wasn’t easy or perfect today. It was a bit stressful, but it’s not a shut down and we’re back out! If you live in a rural place like me, your life is probably just about normal. The hospitals don’t flood, it worked. We did it. It’s over. The first most frightening crazy unsure part is over. Whew.

Next steps for us that might work for you, depending on where you live & health etc. — get a mask — get out if you can — get yourself strong again in body & soul & do that distantly social life. Let’s get strong & ready & steady for what ever the heck might happen this winter. Who really knows!? 

God’s peace to you friends! We are living in some wild times!


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