Another package came to me in South Dakota! The only thing better than a package from my mom is one from my friends!


Lucy mailed me an edition of Quilty magazine. I read the whole thing in three days and very much enjoyed the magazine. I did a little research (if you can call it that) on the magazine and it turns out Lucy is kind of a trend-spotter. This magazine just came out! It is designed for younger beginning, modern quilters like Lucy and I. They even offer a digital edition.


The magazine is an extension of the successful Every week, they post quilting tutorial videos for beginning, modern quilters. I’m going to be watching a few very soon! Mission Statement:

Quilty is a weekly quilting show offered online that seeks to inform and inspire the next generation of quilters. Hosted by Mary Fons, daughter of well-known and widely respected quilt educator and author Marianne Fons, Quilty delivers great quilting instruction with humor, zest, and respect for the art of quilting.

Many of today’s newer quilters come to the craft with little to no knowledge of quilting basics; the home economics classes our mothers took were replaced by computer classes when we were in school. Therefore, Quilty will teach rudimentary quilting skills in addition to more advanced techniques, in hopes that after seeing just one episode, every viewer will be excited to make a quilt of her own.

With style, class, and a sense of humor, Quilty aims to ignite new passion for the American quilt.”

Lucy also sent a cute spring sign to hang on my wall! And, lastly, the package had a gorgeous graduation gift from another friend. It was embossed stationary. This is the kind of paper that paper-lovers like myself nearly drool on while they attempt to write a letter. I’m so excited about this new magazine, spring and this lovely stationary.

Thanks for reading! XO, Sierra Shea



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