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Thanks to my new “Quilting or Patchwork Foot – 1/4″ with Guide” – I now have perfect 1/4 inch seams. It is so easy, I almost feel bad. I thought it would take me years (or decades) to develop a steady hand and eye for that all-important seam width for my quilts. Then, the ladies at Quilts, Stitches & Framing in Brookings, South Dakota told me about this special quilting foot. 

I ordered one right away and just got started using what I call “the cheater.” Thanks to a metal guide piece shooting out in the front of the foot, it is very easy to SEE where my fabric needs to line up to have exactly a 1/4 inch seam.


Almost all quilting patterns call for a 1/4 inch seam width. I have never made one that did not. While this may seem like a simple instruction it can actually be challenging. Not to mention, the big effect seam width can have on the outcome of a project. If a person is able to keep that width consistent throughout the entire quilt, then the corners will line up nicely and all the measurments indicatated by the pattern work out well.


However, if some are 1/4 while others are 1/8 – that means trouble! Those little discrepancies add up stitch by stitch and block by block. No worries though – we can cheat now! This foot is much different than a traditional presser foot.


While it may be helpful to see pictures and hear me rant about this awesome little gadget – I think it is most effective to actually watch a comparison of the two feet while actually sewing. So, I created a little demonstration video. Click here to watch.


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