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So, we made room for the baby. 

Lots of rearranging.

But, it was good for the whole house. We moved stuff all over the place.

I worked on it very slowly from about Palm Sunday until this weekend. Moving around takes time & thinking.

Thankfully, it rained here all day Saturday and Sunday. John-boy was trapped inside & oh-so-helpful. He, like most men, hates:

  • moving furniture
  • sorting through his t-shirts
  • long lists from his preggers wife

Anyway, we did lots of all three this weekend, and he was patient. And, we got it done! Yeah team Mom & Dad-to-be.

How about a tour? 

(PS: Our house has not been this tidy since Christmas Eve. This post forced me to finish and clean up!)

This table used to hold the printer. The rug was in the office, too. Now, both are in the living room.IMG_0243

The tutorial for sewing home decor pillows can be found here.



The printer was moved to the closet. This cracks me up. Not ideal, but it works. No chatting with co-workers in this copy room.IMG_0246

This lamp moved from the office to a chair in the living room.IMG_0309


My hand sewing projects are a bit easier now with this bright light in the living room. They are tucked behind the chair.IMG_0310

This bookshelf was moved from the office to the closet. About half my books went upstairs into storage.IMG_0247

Two filing cabinets were moved to the closet.

This blue hutch was moved to the living room & filled with quilts. My fabric & notions were moved to far less glamours totes & plastic containers.pic

On that note, we “lost” the brown bookshelf, the square turquoise table, the ironing board…and that is pretty much it! The iron has to be folded up now. And, sweet Johnny B. had to move the other two up into the attic. I miss the bookshelf.DSCN7046

All in all, this was a pleasant experience.

When I told my mom what I moved around she said, “No matter what you do, don’t sell the blue hutch. I will drive it all the way to Missouri on top of Savannah’s car if I have to!”

We laughed about this, but then I found a spot for it! Whew. A loooooooonnnnngggg drive to Missouri…avoided!

I like having the two turquoise pieces of furniture in the living room. To me, it changed the whole look. I’ve been dying to display some quilts. And, I like how the turquoise in the pillows & cow are all in the same space. The rest of the furniture, desk, ect. is pretty masculine — so this is a nice balance.

Our only catastrophe during these events was forgetting that I put the pillar candles next to the electric heat unit.

That was a little messy.

We survived.

I have not yet been brave enough to pull out the piece & check out the wall. I’m praying there isn’t a 3-foot trickle of wax down the wall.

I’ve been reading a few home decor blogs these past months, and one thing I see those ladies joking about is how every “room reveal post” needs to have fresh flowers. I failed on that account!

But, I’ll try to pull something together for the nursery-studio-office reveal.



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