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Learning about Managing Stress Cycles during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Earlier this year, I read a funny & enlightening caption from Jen Hatmaker on the stress cycle and exercise. She referenced a book & introduced the concept. Here’s what she wrote:

I haven’t read the book, but the concept is sure sticking with me as the pandemic stress continues to grow and grow, not lessen.

I understand we’re all tired of talking about it & thinking about it.

But, that’s what I love about completing the stress cycle. It gives me a chance to process that stress and move on.

Since I didn’t have time to read that book, but I needed to manage my stress cycles ASAP, I trusted Jen and kept on working out after bad news Covid-19 days. (PS: I pretty much took seven years off from consistent exercise and pandemic stress + accountability partner got me back into it.)

Eventually, I got more curious and tracked down more reading on the topic.

Here’s a short article I read that introduces the concept a bit and provides a connection to the book Jen mentioned.

I hope this helps you cope, it’s working for me.

I’m currently enjoying yoga & pilates, free workout videos, and my basement bike that’s so much less awesome than a Peloton, but it works for $300. I’ll probably look for a more speed bike eventually and less desk bike, but it allows me to complete the cycle so I’m not complaining.


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