If anything, I am a journal-er. I’ve been keeping a consistent one since I was in middle school. Today, I’ll just keep it here on the blog instead of in the brown, leather notebook my dad gave me for Christmas.

Today was a great day. My youngest sister Schyler and my Aunt Jackie are visiting.

Joslyn loves Schyler, whenever Schyler leaves the room Joslyn shouts: NANA! Obviously, Nana sounds nothing like Schyler, but that is the name that Joslyn currently uses for her favorite women who aren’t, “MOM!”

I’ve been wanting to do something besides change diapers and nurse and today I got my chance. I helped John work a few pairs this morning and then he took them out to pasture. Schyler and Joslyn played in the barnyard and with the kittens in the barn while we worked.

Then, we cooked a bunch of food for the week. Schyler and I made a homeade pizza. The kids napped.

After nap time, they played in the pool and watered the garden while I mowed.

Then, it was already supper time and bedtime. I’m so thankful for the visitors and perfect summer weather.

When I was a kid, my sisters and I would go and visit Aunt Jackie for several days each summer in Illinois. The highlights were watching McKlintock! and riding our bikes for hours around the small farming community. As country kids, we were delighted with all the smooth concrete of the sidewalks. We also swam, watched movies and ate, what felt like, dozens and dozens of ice popsicles. The kind that you buy in boxes or mesh packs in groups of 50 or so.

Guess what, Aunt Jackie brought popsicles to my house. Isn’t that the best?