Joslyn here! 

I’ve had a fun week, but my parents say they are wiped out.

I heard my mom on the phone with Grams in Missouri. 

She said, “Joslyn is getting really hard to keep up with.”   

Anyway, thought I would tell you about my adventures.

My mama practically flipped out when I was ready for a sippy cup. Then, she turned around for a minute so I scooted under the bed to check it out. I thought about hiding but changed my mind. 

She was also weirdly happy that I am big enough to sit in a shopping cart alone these days. Something about there’s actually room for food now, not just me and the big car seat.  

I know my dad has nothing to do planting crops or anything this week, so I figured it was a good time to make him lower my crib and install a bigger car seat. 

 He also says he has to put away all my fun toys, but he keeps calling them “extension cords”. 

Which is weird because they look like toys to me. 

To top it off, mom finally let me help drive a tractor and my dad read me this great book about owls.

They are so surprised that I can do all this stuff, and I’m like come on…I’m basically seven months old! I’m really fun now and stuff. 

Did you think I would just cry, sleep and nurse forever? 

Let’s go play!

Oh ya, and they say I’m getting baptized tomorrow. It sounds really wierd, like they are going to sprinkle water on my head and stuff. 

And my mom is super happy because I’m going to wear this long white dress.

Apparently, she and all my aunts wore it when they were baptized, too. If it’s such a big deal, why don’t I get a new dress? But that’s just me.

Anyway, it’s been busy here. I’m gonna go eat some peas and applesauce now. 

Joslyn Shea 

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  1. Aunt Jackie

    I loved all the pictures! What a cutie!


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