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I’m a big fan of Quilty magazine. I stumbled across this fun prompt on their blog: I knew I was a quilter when…

At least 50 people shared their response. It was comical and heartwarming to read them. Many women have a strong connection with friends and family through quilting. For example, a Grandma teaching them to sew in 4-H. Others had funny stories, too.


John Gruen Photography

Here’s mine: I knew I was a quilter during a church sermon. I looked down and noticed threads all over my shirt. Oops. I’d been quilting before church. I knew I was a quilter when I asked for a sewing machine for a college graduation gift. I knew I was a quilter when this blog filled up with photos of fabric, patterns, quilts and techniques. I for sure, 100-percent knew when it snowed a foot one day in April my first year in South Dakota. I sure need something to do inside when winter just won’t end.

What is your story? When did you decide you were truly “hooked on” quilting?


  1. Meredith

    I have ALWAYS loved fabric. I grew up looking through Granny’s shelves, choosing fabric for a new clothing item. Going to So-Fro was the best way to spend a Saturday. It delighted me to go with them to pick out fabric for a special dress or maybe a skirt and blouse.
    I knew I was a quilter when a felt inspired to create a quilt whenever I look at tile, or backdrops or news programs, or ceilings. I definitely knew I was a quilter when THREE people gave me graph paper for my birthday this year! I do love graph paper. Maybe the only thing that beats a new notebook of it is NEW FABRIC!!

    • Sierra Shea

      Love it! A one year supply of graph paper!

      • Joy shelton

        I knew I was a quilter when my friend Patsy said let’s go to Joans do fabric she got me started loved ever since making baby quilts best.

        • Sierra Shea

          That’s great! I am making my first baby quilt now! I didn’t intend to make a baby quilt, but it’s small and the colors are quite girly. I like the idea of making smaller projects!


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