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Highly-Recommended Rhubarb Recipes: pie, crumble, crisp, shortbread, freezer jam

It is Rhubarb Season! Hooray for fresh foods & spring. Or, is it summer?

Anyway, and, hooray for the friends & neighbors who recommended the following recipes.

I posted this photo the other day, hoping for one or two recipe links and the food-lovin’ folks on Facebook sent me plenty of choices. I just had to share the links!10336748_578281708951919_7272072699455885403_n

  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie: This recipe was recommended by Jill, a family friend from Missouri. She suggested using your standard crust of choice & then going forward with the filling in this recipe from the Food Network.
  • Ingrid’s Rhubarb Recipes: Ingrid is a handmade aficionado and blogger friend. She has a great page on her blog with several options for all the rhubarb that comes flooding in from the garden at once! I am looking forward to trying her strawberry rhubarb freezer jam recipe. It looks simple & sweet.
  • Rumchada Rhubarb Crisp: This recipe is from Dairy Carrie, another blogger and foodie! She raises dairy cows.
  • Rhubarb Custard Bars: My neighbor Viola sent this one over! (Isn’t Viola a lovely name?) I made this one first, because I love cream cheese icing!

IMG_0237 IMG_0240

Rhubarb is pretty new to me. I don’t remember having any growing up in Missouri…which is why I appreciated this highly-recommended recipe collection soooo much.

I’ve grown quite fond of this tart, tall food.

I like welcoming the reddish-pinky-green stalks each spring here in South Dakota.

Or, is it summer?

I’m feeling as though it simply can’t be spring if we are harvesting foods from the garden.

Maybe I’ll start declaring it summer when the rhubarb is ready.

I prefer marking the seasons by nature’s direction rather than the calendar.

Do you do the same?

Guess that’s just the hippie-farmer in us all.

Welcome rhubarb.

Welcome summer.


  1. Alaina

    A fun South Dakota fact for your Sierra… the small town of Leola, South Dakota is known as “Rhubarb Capital of the World.” I worked on a ranch near there almost 10 years ago and found the small town festivity quite charming… it’s held every other year… and a baking contest used to denote a Rhubarb King or Queen! Thanks for the recipe links. We just transplanted our farm’s rhubarb plant to a new location, safe in the garden. I hope the transplant works… the plant is older than I am!

    • Sierra Shea

      How is your plant working? Transplant go okay?


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