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Joslyn and I made a trip back to Missouri last week.

We went to the sale in Boonville on Tuesday.

Bottle calves are worth a mint these days! Has anyone else noticed that?    


It was fun to watch Papa J working in the ring.

One of the highlights of the trip was finally picking out his “grandpa” name. 

Originally, he said he wanted to be called “Dirk”. It fit, but we wanted to try a little harder to come up with something that had a better ring. 

Papa J & Baby J!! It works! 


We stopped at Mamoo and Papa’s house to visit.   

Joslyn had her first applesauce.     

We also met Grandma Georgia Lee in Wright City and had Mexican food and played on swings for the first time. 


Auntie Schy stole my phone and took silly selfies like all sixth graders tend to do. 


We went shopping together in Columbia one afternoon.

I got a new pair of shorts and a new “mom” bible and devotional. 

I’m pretty much set for the summer. 


It was a nice trip. I’ll be settled here in SD now until the Fourth of July. 

We are trying to plan a real family reunion and I’m excited to see some cousins and second cousins and third cousins who I haven’t seen in years!


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  1. MaryAnn Holsinger

    Enjoyed your “Wild Man” book and see that you have a warm, folksy way of writing. You look very busy these days with a quickly changing Joslyn. Good luck.


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