While we were in Hermann, it was pretty easy to spot the historic buildings. The community seemed to be quite proud of their pretty, brick buildings. Painter, Julie Blashy Van Horn, had created five paintings of some of the most prominent, historic buildings in Hermann.

Cleverly packaged, these paintings were downsized & turned into lovely stationary which I happily purchased as a souvenir at the Kunstlerhaus Art Gallery on main street. The gallery features the work of about 40 Hermann-area artists. DSCN5806

I love her transformation of these “real-life” buildings into paintings. I took a few shots of my own while in Hermann & then scanned the lovely stationary to share both with you side by side!

I enjoyed how her slightly artistic representation in the paintings simplifies the world around the buildings. For example – removing the glare of a passing car or the recycling bin.

Hermannhof Winery’s Festhalle

Scan 7DSCN5636


Doesn’t John look like a tourist? Khaki shorts, tall boot socks and super white legs? I swear on our next trip I will have him appropriately outfitted with short socks. Although, there’s nothing I can do about the white legs. So, we will still stick out like tourists. On second thought, I might forget the short socks. He’s happy, I’m happy – who cares?


Hermann Star Mill

Scan 4DSCN5538

Gasconade County Historical Society

Scan 3


Hermann’s Old City Hall & Firehouse

For this painting, I do not have the real-life equivalent. We drove past this building a couple times, but I had a hard time catching a photo because of where it lies along a busy road. Scan 2

Gasconade County Court House

I also couldn’t snap a decent photo of the Court House from the ground level, but the painting provides an idea. In the summertime at ground level, most of this building is covered by pretty green trees & leaves. I noticed that she also created her painting from a “birds eye” view. Scan 5

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