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Hello friends,

It’s time! It’s time! My babies are asleep and I’ve got a few moments to spare.

Which title is your favorite?

1. Red Ink: It’s not always about the money

2. Sheep, Stetsons & Stockyards: Stories on Surviving Change

To vote, just comment below!


PS: In case you need more info to make your final vote….here’s the description of the book:

The Angell family of Centralia, Missouri has been buying, selling, bartering, trading, wheeling and dealing for three generations. The commodity didn’t matter – sheep, hogs, cattle, diamonds, land, Levi’s or Stetsons. But, they didn’t always make money! Sometimes, a family business has a different goal.
This easy-reading, historical book uses personal stories to explain the biggest economic changes in Missouri agriculture from the 1940s to the 1990s:

  • Why did farms in Missouri have sheep, hogs and cattle in the 1940s – but don’t anymore?
  • What happened to the Kansas City Stockyards?
  • Why don’t farmer-feeders fatten all their cattle in Missouri anymore?
  • Why bother keeping a business open on Main Street?

Who better to hear it from than the Angell brothers, who marketed more than 25,000 sheep and between two and three million hogs, purchased cattle in the Kansas City Stockyards nearly every week for over 40 years, and operated a western clothing store in Downtown Centralia for more than 45 years?
Laugh and learn along the way, but most importantly – these stories show why farmers and cattlemen aren’t always only concerned about the bottom line. Sometimes, they choose to operate in the red.

Here’s links to two excerpts from the book:

The Old Centralia Livestock Auction & Central Hog Buyers

Texas Sheep delivered to the Centralia Train Depot by Rail



  1. Audra

    Sheep, Stetson and Stockyard

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you for voting! This one seems to be the favorite :)

  2. Andrea M.

    I like #2; it’s a bit catchier with the alliteration! :)

    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks for voting! This one seems to be the favorite :)


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