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Hello there –

I cannot believe it is already December 7th. I finished my Christmas tree skirt last night! (I am beginning to love hand sewing binding while we watch TV in the evenings. Relaxing!)

If you’re searching for a free, quilted Christmas tree skirt pattern, you can find the one I used here. It was a video tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company. I give it an A+.


While I was binding, I had plenty of time to think.

I realized…

This is our first Christmas tree,

in our first home,

& it will be our first Christmas spent together!

(Marriage really is a blessing & all of the “firsts” are so wonderful.)

DSCN8003This Christmas season has been extra special for me because it is the first time John & I have ever been in the same state during Christmas. Wierd. Chalk it up to a long distance relationship. The closest John & I were to spending Christmas together was last year when he came to Missouri for my graduation on December 15th. I think we finally exchanged our gifts sometime near February. 262778_10151306368572250_878057406_n

First Free Motion Quilting Project

Enough with the sentimental, but — one more “first.” I free motion quilted this tree skirt. All by my myself! Yippee! That means I get to cross of #5 on my Quilt Bucket List! scan

I definitely haven’t mastered the process & it was SUPER stressful. I also cussed a few times. As a beginner, there is nothing freeing about free-motion quilting. In fact, it made my shoulders quite stiff!

I finally had the courage to “take the first step” of pinning & layering while Grandma Georgia was here for Thanksgiving. She does hand quilting, so she guided me through the pinning & prep process. It is basically the same for free-motion, long arm or hand quilting.DSCN7944DSCN7932DSCN7945

Ta-da! Scribbles.DSCN7948

My loops are very messy & of alternating sizes. But, I’ll get there. After all, it is a Christmas season of firsts!



  1. Lori

    Very pretty tree skirt, it will be there for many, many Christmases in your home. Have a wonderful first Christmas together.

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you!

  2. Aunt Jackie

    I love your skirt and the tree looks great!

    • Sierra Shea

      Thank you!

  3. Sally

    Very pretty! I might give it a try in January!

  4. Charlotte

    Goes very well with your tree. Really like your list of firsts for this first year of marriage. I have always want to do free motion quilting but just not enough confidence or courage to start. Maybe one day! You are doing a great job…keep it coming.

    • Sierra Shea

      Hello! Thank you! I took an 6 hour class earlier this spring & picked up two books on free motion quilting before I gave it a shot…

  5. Laurel Wilson

    Nice job–I was told to think “Ouija Board” pressure when free-motion quilting. I have yet to fully achieve it however.

    Your result is just fine and I hope your shoulders are more relaxed.


    • Sierra Shea

      Thanks Laurel – I just picked up some thread yesterday to start another quilt top the next time we get some snow! Its a little bit larger, so we will see how it goes :)


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